Filming Your Own Kickstarter / Indiegogo Video? Make sure you get the right kit.

Filming Your Own Crowdfunding Video? Many sure you get the right kit.

Crowdfunding Camera Kit

Congrats on choosing to make your own video. You might be feeling a little daunted right now, but it really isn't as difficult as it might seem - especially if you use the right equipment!

So let's start with camera. You can use any camera to film a crowdfunding video... well almost any camera. Heard of the Panasonic AJ-HPX2700? Well it's a phenomenal camera and it costs around £33,000. We don't recommend you buy it for your crowdfunding video!

What we do recommend is simply using an HD camera - yes, that's really all it takes. A DSLR camera is what we prefer but you really can film on any camera that's high definition. Almost all cameras made in the last 3 years should meet that criteria. Iphones are great to use and the quality is excellent. Check out this video shot entirely on an Iphone.

A tripod is really important. You can even get tripods for mobile devices so don't try to film hand-held unless you're pretty good at it. Shaky cameras are a real turn off and generally look unprofessional.

When it comes to sound, we don't use big boom microphones, but we do use neck mics. Commonly called lavs, these are small microphones that clip onto an interviewee's clothes. You can purchase wireless neck mics which are great if your subject is moving a lot, but they can be quite pricey.

For crowdfunding videos, good sound is a big must. You want to keep people engaged and make sure you come across loud and clear. Using a neck mic will completely transform the sound quality and make a huge overall improvement to your video. It can be plugged directly into the camera or Iphone. However, if you want to go pro we suggest getting a sound recorder.

Zoom sound recorders are great for recording sound and offer top quality. If you're using a DSLR camera, you will need one of these small gadgets. The only downfall is having to sync the sound file with your video in the editing process.

Having the right equipment is key but as you can see, you don't have to splash out an arm and a leg. We've put together a key equipment list, including prices and retailers you can purchase them from online.

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