Crowdfunding Videos: There is one thing you must do...

Okay so you have a script. Interviewees are confirmed. Filming date set.

You've written a great script - it's perfect – very well written. You've thought of all the right questions, covering your topic from every single angle. You've planned your filming and confident you'll capture all the footage.

But wait this is a CROWDFUNDING video – have you forgotten something?

The Call to Action is one of the most important segments in your crowdfunding video.

What is a call to action? Well it's the last segment in your video prompting the viewer to take action and pledge for your campaign.

For example - 'You too can change the way we eat crisps, join us and be part of this new crisp eating revolution. You are asking the viewer to do something. It's no secret that if you ask someone to do something you're increasing the chances they'll do it as apposed to not asking? Simple right?

But so many crowdfunders forget or feel they don't need a call to action at the end of the video.

Crowdfunding is a community of people activly looking to be part of a project. So don't forget to ask your page visitors to take action and join you on your journey.

A few tips on call to actions:

  • Say it with confidence and make sure your action is clear (don't be vague!)

  • Address the camera - not an interviewee and don't record a voice over

  • Don't ask for donations! You are not a charity and they are getting something for their pledge.

  • Practice the call to action till you perfect it.

  • Ask viewers to share with their friends on social media

Check out our portfolio and crowdfunding page here.

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