Why we've gone Green Screen and you should too!

We’re starting to work on a new set of video tips and after lengthy discussions on where to film them (in the office, outside or in a studio...), we decided to go with a green screen background rigged up in a meeting room. So I wanted to share with you three reasons why I think green screen is brilliant and totally underrated. It’s also something you might find helpful if you've been thinking about using Green Screen and good to know about if not! I'll start by saying green screen has come a long way since Superman flew over the Golden Gate bridge embracing Lois Lane in the 70s. It's being used quite a bit in presenting online content and there are quite a few reasons why:

1. You can choose your background (it could be anything!). Either an ‘Apple advert’ white background, a branded company background or a tropical beach in Costa Del Sol…. the options are endless.

Green screen MotionFish

2. You don’t need a studio... you can film in your lounge, office, loft or even a shed - yes, we’ve seen this done before.

3. Technological advances have made green screen accessible to smaller production outfits. You can check out this YouTube video ad I made for a free Crowdfunding webinar I ran in December. I’m still getting my head around being in front of the camera. By the way it was filmed in my lounge. Click below.

Green Screen Video Production

If you’re looking for that ‘studio look’ but lack the studio or time to get there... green screen is ideal. As always, get in touch if you have any questions or if you're thinking about using green screen.

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