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About: Jessica Rose is the founder of the London Jewellery School, Europe's largest jewellery training centre based just off London's trendy Brick Lane. With over 100 jewellery courses to choose from, Jessica wanted to start offering her courses online using video. After a thorough search on Google, she found Motionfish.


First conversation:  Jessica gave us a good idea of what she was looking for. We talked about the locations, possible filming dates, production deadlines and budget. The objectives were to:


* Create a set of approximatly 30 jewellery training videos

* Ensure high quality videos to work as a set of courses

* Produce the videos within the agreed budget and deadlines

* Work within the tutors' time constraints

Above: Jessica talks about why she chose MotionFish


Planning stage: We discussed the daily filming schedules with Jessica as well as various camera options and filming angles. We also set the filming dates, location and start times.



Production day: An early start to the day. We filmed over three consecutive days - starting very early! The crew set up lighting, rigged up three cameras to capture not only a range of different angles but some very close shots of the jewellery-making process. We filmed three jewelllery school tutors delivering over 30 Jewellery classses  and completed the videos on time and within budget. 

Above: Jessica talks about the production process with MotionFish


Editing:  The editing is a long and slow process however thanks to Gareth Fient, our videographer, the videos were edited in super quick time and were completed well in advance of the deadline. Throughout the process, we recieved constructive feedback from Jessica, ensuring the finished videos met all of her objectives.


If you are intested in a video course for your business please get in touch here!


To view another set of videos courses we created for a corporate client check out the video here. 

Above: A selection of videos from the jewellery video courses.

MotionFish - a London based Video Production Service
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