Videos Are Great For Business and Here Are The Ones You Should Be Making!

Everyone is talking about how video is great.

Video on YouTube, Facebook video, Facebook Live, LinkedIn you name it, but which videos are best for businesses?

There are three types of videos that can really impact your business, build trust, credibility, and generate leads and here they are...

If you've got a product, you must have a Product Video. These videos are super-powerful in showcasing to your prospects what you sell, demonstrating how it works, and its functionalities. People love to see products and how things work before they buy them. People love to see products on video, even if they don't do anything. This can apply to clothes, gadgets, appliances, basically anything physical. Demo Videos can boost your sales.

Four out of five consumers believe that Demo Videos are helpful, and online shoppers who view Demo Videos are 1.81 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers.

If you have satisfied clients that are happy to talk about how your service benefited them, capture it on video. I'm not talking about Testimonial Videos, I'm talking about Video Case Studies.

Unlike a Testimonial Video, these are stories of a result-based process, and are super-powerful. So instead of seeing a client talk about how fantastic your service is, as we do with Testimonial, we see them share an amazing story about how you solved a problem and delivered a result. These are great ways to communicate your values, professionalism, they create social proof, and help people that might be considering your service to take that leap of faith and make a purchasing decision.

A study by Google and Forbes revealed that the Case Study video was one of the most watched types of video marketing.

Okay, my favourite, the Tips and Guides Video. According to Google, searches related to how-to on YouTube have grown 70 percent year on year.

These are really popular at the moment, especially on Facebook and are relatively easy to make, as long as you stay on topic, and you don't waffle on too much about what you had for lunch. The How-To Videos must be really valuable to your potential clients, and if done well, they can generate lots of followers and warm leads. They also establish you as the go-to expert in your field, and are brilliant at building your credibility. Just make sure you have a call to action as the end, asking people to do something like share, comment, like or send them to a Facebook group or website page.

So why not try and create one of these videos for your business. Start with one that's easy to make, maybe a How-To Video, it doesn't have to be super-professional, but should be full of great content. If you're not sure where to start, leave a comment below and I'll try to help with some tips and guidance.

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