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Pre-event meeting: We met with Scott on location so we could get a good idea of what was required for his event. We talked about the how many cameras were needed, the look and feel, filming dates, production deadlines and budget. The objectives were:


* Film each match and cover all angles

* Capture the atmosphere and buzz during the event

* Simulate a professional televised boxing match. 

* Produce the video within the set budget and time scale

Above: Scott talks about working with MotionFish

Event Filming:





About: White Collar Boxing is a form of amateur boxing where men and women from white collar professions train to compete at a special event. The company is managed by Scott Borthwick, who contacted MotionFish to ask us to film a series of upcoming fights 





What we did: Before starting this project we felt we needed to do a little research. We watched a number of professional boxing matches and then planned how to position the cameras in the most effective way during the shoot. 


Event day: We arrived early so the graduate camera crew had time to position the cameras. We checked the camera angles and lighting with the floor manager and directed the compere, making sure we captured his announcements. 


We filmed behind-the-scenes as the contenders were getting warmed up. We later used this footage as an opening sequence for the matches. 

Above: Scott talks about the benefits of video for his events

The outcome:
The fifteen matches were edited and completed within one week. 
The DVDs were sold out completely within days. 
The videos are used to promote all future White Collar Boxing events
We have since successfully filmed over 57 boxing matches for Scott's White Collar Boxing events. See video example below. 
Lion Vs  Pekov
Looking to video an event? 
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